The API currently supports the following variables:

Variable Supported Units
cloudCover percent
dewpointTemperature celsius
liquidPrecipitationAmount mm
liquidPrecipitationRate mm/h
relativeHumidity percent
seaLevelPressure mb
solarRadiation W/m2
stationPressure mb
temperature celsius
visibility m
windDirection degrees
windGust m/s
windSpeed m/s


Unit Label Description
celsius °C degrees celsius
degrees ° degrees
m m meters
m/s m/s meters per second
mb mb millibars
mm mm millimeters
percent % percent
W/m2 W/m² watts per meters squared

Aggregation Methods

To indicate an aggregate value, indicate a method and an interval in when reporting an observed variable. Reported intervals are in seconds. Supported aggregation methods are:

  • average
  • minimum
  • maximum
  • sum