Purpose and Scope

PySkyWise is a Python client for interacting with WDT’s SkyWise API collection. It allows developers to CRUD SkyWise resources in their Python applications and scripts, to automate testing and monitoring of their SkyWise APIs, and more.

This client is currently experimental. Report any feature suggestions, observations, or bugs to deliveryservices@wdtinc.com.

Release History


  • Added support for the Forecast API


  • Platform Product resources now support querying using aggregation periods, coverage geometries, and time extents.
  • Google Maps tiles can now be requested as tile sets using a lat/lon bounding box.
  • Map tiles can now be requested asynchronously.
  • find() and map() return list that supports a group() method.
  • rtd documentation
  • Mock testing for base Skywise classes and for Platform resources.
  • Sessions are no longer used by default for map() requests, but can be toggled back on using the set_use_session_for_async() method.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

0.0.1 - 0.0.2

  • Implementation of SkyWiseResource, SkyWiseRequest as base classes for PySkyWise functionality.
  • Implementation of Platform and Agriculture resources for simple interaction with both API’s.