Note on “native zoom” and “native resolution”

This is correlated with the resolution of the raw (netcdf) data, where “native zoom” is equivalent to the “Level of Detail” and the “native resolution” is equivalent to the “ground resolution”.

The ground resolution indicates the distance on the ground that’s represented by a single pixel in the map. For example, given a raw netcdf at 1km resolution, the closest ground resolution is between level 7 & 8. We would choose the higher resolution (level 8) to cut tiles.

See here for an in-depth discussion:

This table shows each of these values at each level of detail, as measured at the Equator

Level of Detail Ground Resolution (meters / pixel)
2 39,135
3 19,567
4 9,783
5 4,891
6 2,445
7 1,222
8 611

The following parameters are available as:

  • imagery/datapoints via the Tiles v2 API
  • timeseries at a point via the Model API
  • (coming soon) ESRI map services.

Parameters available