A datapoint is a map tile pixel value at the “native” zoom level specified by its frame.

Single-Frame Datapoint

This provides the datapoint from a product frame or forecast frame at a specific location. The location is expressed as a latitude/longitude pair.

GET /v2/frames/{frame-id}/datapoint/{latitude}/{longitude}.json

Request Example

$ curl

Response Example

See Status Codes for response code details.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "tile": "/v2/frames/953fcf5e-e7ee-4d2d-aee5-f206beb85792/tile/3/1/3.tiff",
  "pixel": {
    "row": 52,
    "column": 213
  "value": 5.2,
  "unit": {
    "description": "degrees Fahrenheit",
    "label": "°F"