Point Forecast API

The WeatherOps Point Forecast API is an on-demand weather observation and forecast service via an authenticated web service (HTTP). This service provides the best available match for both our WeatherOps forecast as well as the nearest possible observation data.

Quick Start

When creating an account at WeatherOps Point Forecast API, you will be provided with an Application ID (username) and Application Key (password).

A simple example of a curl request from a command line with Basic Authentication:

$ curl -X GET "https://skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?LAT=35.191&LON=-97.439" \
  --user <username>:<password>
Ex. curl -X GET "https://skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?LAT=35&LON=-97"  \
 --user abcd5678:01234567890123456789abcdefghijkl

Accepted Parameters


One of these choices of location information. LAT/LON is preferred choice:

  • U.S. Locations: ZIP or CITY & STATE
    Example: skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?ZIP=76354 Example: skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?CITY=norman&STATE=ok
  • Global Cities: CITY & COUNTRY
    Example: skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?CITY=tokyo&COUNTRY=jp
  • Any Global Locations: LAT & LON
    Example: skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?LAT=34.1&LON=-98.57


  • UNITS - By default, all values are returned in SI units (e.g. Celsius).

    • UNITS=us Return units in English units such as inches of mercury (Hg) and Fahrenheit.
    • UNITS=all Return values in both English and SI units. The returned XML will be larger.
      Example: skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?LAT=35&LON=-97&UNITS=all
  • HOURS= and DAYS=

    Both can be used to limit response sizes. They can be used together as well.

    HOURS= option can be used to limit the number of hourly rows returned. This allows for smaller file sizes and improved reponse times. This value can be set to HOURS=0.

    Example: skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?LAT=35&LON=-97&HOURS=24

    DAYS= option can be used limit the number of days. This allows for smaller file sizes and improved response times. This value can be set to DAYS=0.

    Example: skywisefeeds.wdtinc.com/feeds/api/mega.php?LAT=35&LON=-97&DAYS=3

  • TIMEZONE=local

    This option sets some of the parameter values like <ob_time>,<sunrise_local>, <sunset_local>, and <time_local> for hourly forecasts. Since the offsets can not be guaranteed correct for all locations, the suggested way to use this service is with the default UTC time.

  • FORMAT=json

    This option converts the output to JSON format. This is a simple conversion that uses the same structure as the default XML.

Error Messages

If a location cannot be found then the following response is returned:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <Error>
  <message>Unable to geocode the location provided</message>

If the lat/lon coordinates are out of bounds (e.g. lat > 90 or lon < -90; lon > 180 or lon < -180) a response will be returned. The returned location will be set to the maximum or minimum allowable latitude and/or longitude coordinate.

XML Description

The product can be thought of as having data in 4 primary sections:

  1. the <location> tag at the top has estimated location information.

  2. the <sfc_ob> section has the closest qualified observation to the location.

Under forecasts, there are two sections:

3) <daily_summaries> section has individual <daily_summary> sections with summary forecast information for local Midnight-midnight at the location.

4) <hourly_summaries> section has individual <hourly_summary> sections with forecast information for each hour.