Possible values for <wx_code>ΒΆ

This is a list of possible values found in the <wx_code> tag in the API. This field provides an alternative to using the <wx> value. These two values will not always provide the same information.

In this case, some added detail may be possible. This is especially true in the <sfc_ob> section since the original source data might have more detail. In many cases, they will share the same information:

<wx_code>100</wx_code> (100 in this table represents clear.)

In other cases, additional detail may be provided:

<wx_code>95</wx_code> (thunderstorm)
<wx_code>97</wx_code> (heavy thunderstorm)
<wx_code> description
3 smoke
5 haze
7 blowing dust
10 light fog
18 squall
31 dust storm
34 severe dust storm
36 drifting snow
38 blowing snow
41 patchy fog
45 fog
49 freezing fog
51 light drizzle
53 drizzle
55 heavy drizzle
56 light freezing drizzle
57 freezing drizzle
61 light rain
63 rain
65 heavy rain
67 freezing rain
68 light rain and snow
69 rain and snow
71 light snow
73 snow
75 heavy snow
79 sleet
80 light rain shower
81 rain shower
83 light rain and snow
84 rain and snow shower
85 light snow shower
86 snow shower
89 light hail
90 hail
95 thunderstorm
97 heavy thunderstorm
100 clear
101 mostly clear
102 partly cloudy
103 mostly cloudy
104 overcast
0 unknown