Current Conditions XML DescriptionΒΆ

These are tags that appear in the <sfc_ob> section of the product.

Some areas of Earth have few observation stations and the best match can be to a station far away. This circumstance may limit the representativeness for those remote locations.

Not all tags appear at all times. Changing the default units to ‘us’ or timezone=’local’ will change what is displayed in the response.

Tag Definition Value Range Units
<stn> station identifier Variable NA
<stn_lat> Latitude coordinate -90 to +90 Degrees
<stn_lon> Longitude coordinate -180 to + 180 Degrees
<ob_time> Date and time   UTC or local
<day_of_week_local> Day of the week Sunday/Saturday  
<temp_C> air temperature -95 to +60 Celsius
<temp_F> air temperature -140 to +140 Fahrenheit
<dewp_C> dewpoint temp -25 to +35 Celsius
<dewp_F> dewpoint temperature -10 to +90 Fahrenheit
<rh_pct> Relative humidity 0 to 100 Percent (%)
<apparent_temp_C> See Apparent temperature -100 to +140 Degrees
<apparent_temp_F> See Apparent temperature -148 to +284 Fahrenheit

Wind direction.

See Notes#1 below.

N, NNE, NE, E,




<wnd_dir_degs> wind direction 0 to 360 degrees
<wnd_spd_kph> wind speed 0 to 402 kph
<wnd_spd_mph> wind speed 0 to 250 mph
<press_mb> air pressure 850 to 1100 mb
<press_in> air pressure 27 to 31 In Hg
<wx> Possible values for <wx>   NA
<wx_code> Possible values for <wx_code>   NA
<cld_cover> cloud cover


Mostly clear

Partly cloudy

Mostly cloudy


<cld_cover_pct> cloud cover percentage 0-100 Percent (%)
<wx_icon_code> Possible values for <wx_icon_text>    
<wx_icon_url> URL of weather icon graphic NA NA
<wx_icon_url_png> URL of png wx icon graphic NA NA

day/night indicator

at time of observation

day or night NA
<visibility_m> Optical visibility NA Meters (m)
<visibility_ft> Optical visibility NA Feet (ft)
<moon_phase> Moon phase See Notes#2 below. NA
<sunrise_utc> Sunrise date and time NA UTC
<sunset_utc> Sunset date and time NA UTC

Notes #1: Observed wind direction represented by the direction from which the wind is blowing.

Notes #2: Moon phase possible values:

New Moon (not visible)
Waxing Crescent Moon (Right 1-49% visible )
Quarter Moon (Right 50% visible)
Waxing Gibbous Moon (Right 51-99% visible)
Full Moon(Fully Visible)
Waning Gibbous Moon (Left 51-99% Visible)
Last Quarter Moon (Left 50% Visible)
Waning Crescent Moon (Left 1-49% Visible)