Daily Forecast XML DescriptionΒΆ

These are the tags that appear in the <daily_summary> sections of the product.

Not all tags appear at all times. Changing the default units to ‘us’ or timezone=’local’ will change what is displayed in the response.

Tag Definition Value Range Units
<summary_date> Forecast date e.g. 11/01/2018 NA
<day_of_week> Day of the week Sunday/Saturday  
<max_temp_C> maximum air temperature. -95 to +60 Celsius
<min_temp_C> minimum air temperature. -95 to +60 Celsius
<max_temp_F> maximum air temperature. -140 to +140 Fahrenheit
<min_temp_F> minimum air temperature. -140 to +140 Fahrenheit
<wnd_spd_kph> average wind speed 0 to 402 kph
<wnd_spd_mph> average wind speed 0 to 250 mph

Wind direction.

See Notes#1 below.

N, NNE, NE, E,




<pop> probability of precipitation 0 to 100 Percent (%)
<wx> weather description Possible values for <wx> NA
<wx_code> Forecast weather code Possible values for <wx_code> NA
<wx_icon_text> weather icon type description Possible values for <wx_icon_text> NA
<wx_icon_code> text part of Possible values for <wx_icon_text>    
<wx_icon_url> URL of graphic NA NA
<wx_icon_url_png> URL of graphic png format NA NA
<text_description> DEPRECATED (same value as <wx>)    
<qpf_24hr_mm> precipitation See Notes#2 below >= 0 mm
<snow_24hr_mm> 24 hour snowfall >= 0 mm
<cdd1> cooling degree days >= 0 N/A
<cdd2> Degree Day Calculations >= 0 N/A
<hdd1> Degree Day Calculations >= 0 N/A
<hdd2> Degree Day Calculations >= 0 N/A
<gdd> Degree Day Calculations >= 0 N/A
<gdu> Degree Day Calculations >= 0 N/A
<solunar_sunrise_utc> sunrise datetime UTC    
<solunar_sunset_utc> sunset datetime UTC    
<solunar_sun_state> sun state, see Notes#3 below.    
<solunar_moorise_utc> moonrise datetime UTC    
<solunar_moonset_utc> moonset datetime UTC    
<solunar_moon_state> moon state, see Notes #3 below.    

Notes #1: Observed wind direction represented by the direction from which the wind is blowing.

Notes #2: Hourly liquid equivalent precipitation. This includes both actual liquid precipitation as well as the liquid equivalent for frozen precipitation. For this 24 hour product, it is the sum of the 24 hours for the Midnight-11PM hours of the local day.

Notes #3: solunar_sun_state and solunar_moon_state explain the absence of meaningful sunrise/sunset data. When the sunrise never occurs, such as during polar winters, the value in the <solunar_sun_state> will be “never_up”. For polar summer, the <solunar_sun_state> is “always_up”. The <solunar_moon_state> provides the same information for days where their is not a moonrise or moonset. These solunar values are always provided only in UTC time.